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Toronto Plastic Surgery
Hello, my name is Dr. Steve Samuel.  Thank-you for stopping by our website.

As an introduction to our practice, here are my personal thoughts on cosmetic surgery:

“Since cosmetic surgery is not aimed at saving life or improving physical health, and the aim of the surgery is to improve how the patient feels about his/herself, the result must be achieved as safely and predictably as possible. The surgical plan must be individualized to the patient.”

– Steve E.S. Samuel MD, FRCSC

Nose Job

The most important aspect is to strive for a result that does not look operated, overly done or unnatural. Learn More»

Eyelid Surgery

Emotional expression is mediated mostly through the position and shape of the eyelids and eyebrows. Learn More»


Surgical procedures that effectively and safely remove fat from localized areas have been used for 25years. Learn More»
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