Breast Augmentation

Breast augmentation (enlargement) is one of the commonest cosmetic plastic surgical procedures.  The operation is aimed at enhancing the size and shape of the breast by placing an implant which pushes the patient’s own breast tissue forward.

Modern implants can be classified into 2 main types: saline-filled and silicone-filled.  Saline-filled implants consist of a bag made of silicone into which is injected a salt water solution, like the one used for intravenous fluids.  Modern day silicone-filled implants have a silicone outer shell and silicone in the consistency of a gel inside.  These implants can be either in a round shape or a shape that mimics the natural shape of the breast.  The so-called “anatomical” implant can have the effect of slightly lifting the breast as well  as enlarging it.  Implants can be inserted through various incisions and positioned either in front or behind the pectoral muscle.

Occasionally a breast lift (mastopexy) may be performed in conjunction with placement of an implant.  A breast lift may involve reduction of excess skin to tighten the breast and mobilization of the nipple to a higher position.

The surgery is usually performed under general anaesthesia in a private plastic surgery facility as an outpatient procedure.

The breast augmentation consultation

Before undergoing any surgery the patient must be involved in a thorough consultation process with the surgeon.  The consultation will involve a detailed discussion of the patient’s medical history as well as specific aims she hopes to achieve with the breast surgery.  The experienced surgeon will design a surgical plan that will aim to meet these goals.  A physical examination will insure no contraindications to surgery but will specifically examine the shape, size and consistency of the breast.  Proper measurements of the breast will enable the patient and the surgeon together to decide on the dimensions of the implants to fit the patient’s chest and stature.  Experimenting with different size implants in a non-padded bra can give some idea as to the volume the patient would find pleasing.  The “rice test” involves placing rice in a bag and using it as a filler in a bra. Once the desirable size is achieved the rice volume is measure in milliliters to establish the volume desired by the patient.  Of course this volume has to be reasonable, and safe to technically introduce as an implant.  The aim of good breast augmentation surgery (like all cosmetic surgery) is to produce as natural a result as possible.

After the surgery the patient is discharged wearing a supportive bra dressing and instructions as to the do’s and don’ts.  She is given medications for pain relief and antibiotics to prevent against infection.  Patients are usually assessed 3-4 days after surgery in the office.

Each patient must be viewed as an individual and the consultation process and decisions that are made at the time must be specifically matched to the patient’s desires and the physical features the patient presents.  Dr. Samuel will spend the time to explain all aspects of the surgical and post-surgical process, post-operative course, potential complications, and he will thoroughly address your questions.

If you are considering breast augmentation surgery and wish to arrange a consultation appointments please call Dr. Samuel’s office at 416-630-2715 or e-mail His staff will be pleased to assist you.

Disclaimer:  The explanations on this procedure are meant to provide only an overview of information on the subject.  This does not constitute ‘informed consent’.  Each case must be assessed   by Dr. Samuel individually.  This will include a proper history, physical examination and discussion of the proposed surgery, post-operative course including the relevant potential complications.  During the consultation and subsequently, the patient will have opportunities to ask questions and clarify any concerns he/she may have relating to any aspect of their care by Dr. Samuel and his staff.

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