Face & Neck Lift

Aging results in loss of elasticity of skin as well as diminished muscle tone and decrease in quantity of facial fat.  Gravity pulls the facial tissues down resulting in excess skin especially in the neck area below the chin and in the lower third of the face.  This produces a deepening of the crease between the nose and the corner of the mouth and between the cheek and chin areas (so-called marionette lines) as well as an enlargement of the jowls.  In the forehead the eyebrows may droop more and the skin in the upper and lower eyelids may become more lax.  Fat bulges in the eyelids may become more visible.

Before undergoing a facelift, Dr. Samuel assesses the patient thoroughly, to determine the best surgical plan to achieve the optimal result.  He makes sure that the patient is medically fit for the surgery and that there are no issues that may increase potential problems.  Patients who are smokers have a higher risk for complications such as poor wound healing.  Certain medications must be avoided before surgery so as not to interfere with proper clotting of blood or wound healing.  These, and all other issues, including potential complications, would be discussed at length with the patient during the consultation process.

A facelift is an operation that removes excess skin and tightens the neck and lower part of the face.  There are various incisions which can be used but generally, for a full facelift, the incision extends from the temple area, in front of the ear, under the earlobe and along the crease behind the ear into the hair area of the upper back of the neck.  Through this incision the skin is lifted off the underlying muscle, the muscles in the upper neck may be tightened, the skin is lifted up and back and extra skin is removed.  If necessary, some liposuction may be used to remove excess fat, especially in the neck area or where necessary fat may be added.  The wound is closed with both absorbable sutures and surgical clips in the hair bearing areas of the temple and scalp.  The resultant scar is usually well camouflaged in natural creases or hairy areas, however, as with every patient there is a variable degree in scarring.  After the surgery the patient has a facial dressing which is usually removed after one day.  Patients having facelifts may go home the same day or may stay overnight in the plastic surgery unit, supervised by a private nurse.

After the operation Dr. Samuel will see the patient to insure proper healing.  The surgical clips are removed 7 to 10 Days after surgery.  There may be some swelling and bruising which generally resolve within a few days.   Patients may experience a temporary tight sensation in the neck area where the muscles have been tightened.

The result is visible immediately after surgery, but as is with any operation, healing takes some time.  There is no substitute for a personal consultation.  During that visit Dr. Samuel would have the opportunity to thoroughly assess and analyze your concerns, make the appropriate surgical plan and explain all aspects of the operation, post-operative course and potential complications.  You as a patient would have the opportunity to ask your questions personally and decide whether you feel comfortable with Dr. Samuel as your plastic surgeon.  His extensive training and experience over 25 years of practice will become apparent during that consultation visit.

If you are considering having a facelift, please arrange a consultation visit with Dr. Samuel by contacting his office at 416-630-2715.  His office staff will be very happy to assist you.

Disclaimer:  The explanations on this procedure are meant to provide only an overview of information on the subject.  This does not constitute ‘informed consent’.  Each case must be assessed   by Dr. Samuel individually.  This will include a proper history, physical examination and discussion of the proposed surgery, post-operative course including the relevant potential complications.  During the consultation and subsequently, the patient will have opportunities to ask questions and clarify any concerns he/she may have relating to any aspect of their care by Dr. Samuel and his staff.

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