Nose Job (Rhinoplasty)

Most patients who seek rhinoplasty surgery know exactly what feature(s) about their nose they don’t like.  They will tell the surgeon that they don’t like the “hump” on their bridge or the fat tip of their nose.  Experienced plastic surgeons such as Dr. Samuel will, as always, obtain a proper history and examine the patient in order to rule out any physical or emotional contraindications for the surgery.  He will examine the airway of the patient as well as the bony, cartilaginous and soft tissue components of the nose and will look at the relationship of the nose to the rest of the facial components such as the jaw.  Proper analysis leads to a good surgical plan which aims at a pleasing and natural cosmetic result which fits in with the patient’s ethnicity.

The most important aspect is to strive for a result that does not look operated, overly done or unnatural.  Although there are healing factors that cannot be controlled after the operation is complete, Dr. Samuel, as a very experienced plastic surgeon, tries to anticipate these in the surgical plan.  The key is to be conservative and not overly aggressive in the surgical technique.

During the consultation Dr. Samuel discusses with the patient the operative plan with the patient in front of a mirror as well as explaining the surgical procedure with the assistance of drawings and photographs.  As always, during the consultation visit Dr. Samuel is eager to explain all aspects of the surgical, post-surgical process and all relevant factors relating to the nasal operation and its consequences.  The informed patient feels more secure and less anxious, thus making the experience more rewarding and less scary.

The surgery is usually performed under general anaesthesia in a private, accredited plastic surgery facility as an outpatient.  Dr. Samuel usually performs the surgery through intranasal incisions thereby leaving no visible scars.  After the surgery the patient usually has a small nasal splint for about a week.  There may be some bruising and swelling and rarely nasal bleeding.  Dr. Samuel does not put packing inside the nose and patients report experiencing little pain.

If you are considering having a rhinoplasty and wish to arrange a consultation visit with Dr. Samuel, please call the office at 416-630-2715 or e-mail His staff will be pleased to assist you.

Disclaimer:  The explanations on this procedure are meant to provide only an overview of information on the subject.  This does not constitute ‘informed consent’.  Each case must be assessed   by Dr. Samuel individually.  This will include a proper history, physical examination and discussion of the proposed surgery, post-operative course including the relevant potential complications.  During the consultation and subsequently, the patient will have opportunities to ask questions and clarify any concerns he/she may have relating to any aspect of their care by Dr. Samuel and his staff.

This website is aimed at informing Canadian patients of the services provided by Dr. Samuel.  At no time is it intended for patients who reside outside Canada.

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