Most of the cosmetic surgery procedures are performed at a fully accredited private Plastic Surgery Facility where several Royal College certified Plastic Surgeons operate on a rotational basis.  This is the Forest Hill Institute of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, located near the Allen Expressway and Eglinton Rd.  The facility is staffed by fully certified registered nurses and anaesthesia is administered by the same Royal College certified anaesthetists who work in the public hospitals.  The institute is a private, pleasant environment, with fully equipped surgical facilities, offering professional, confidential, personalized care, including overnight stay if necessary.

All surgeries that are reconstructive in nature and are covered by government health plans are carried out by Dr. Samuel at the Humber River Regional Hospital.  This may also apply to some cosmetic surgery procedures, especially if the patient’s medical condition warrants surgery in a hospital environment or if combined insured and uninsured procedures are performed.

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