Tummy Tuck (Abdominoplasty)

Most of the patients seeking abdominoplasty are women who have completed their childbearing or those who have undergone significant weight gain and loss.  During pregnancy the abdominal skin and the underlying muscle stretch, resulting in bulging of the abdomen and skin laxity.  A proper operation must address all the components involved.  The ideal patient is not excessively overweight, is a non-smoker with no major medical contraindications to surgery.

The operation usually consists of making an incision above the groin, lifting the skin and fat from the muscle wall, freeing the umbilicus from its attachment to the skin and lifting the skin to the level of the ribs.  With the muscle wall exposed, a repair of the gap in the muscle results in a tight, flat tummy.  The skin is pulled down and all the extra skin is removed.  The umbilicus is brought back out through the skin and the incisions are closed with sutures under the skin.  There is one scar in the lower tummy and another around the umbilicus.  The operation may be modified depending on the individual’s abdominal features. In some patients, who only have skin laxity and muscle weakness below the umbilicus the surgery may not extend above the belly button thereby avoiding the umbilical scar.

Usually a drain is placed under the skin to remove any fluid or blood that may accumulate underneath. The patients may go home the same day but usually stay overnight.  The drains are usually removed within 3 days.

Recovery from an abdominoplasty takes a couple of weeks.  Patients should avoid abdominal muscle straining for up to 6 weeks.

Some patients may benefit from some liposuction to optimize the result and frequently liposuction of areas such as the waist and “love handle” areas will produce an overall more attractive result.  It not uncommon for women undergoing tummy tuck surgery to also have breast surgery aimed at tightening and lifting or reducing the breasts.  Therefore Dr. Samuel frequently performs abdominoplasty and breast lifts or reductions during one operation.

A comprehensive assessment and discussion of the expected results, post-operative course and potential complications must be carried out during the consultation with the surgeon.  As a Royal College certified plastic surgeon, who has been operating for more than 25 years, Dr. Samuel’s routine involves this entire process in order to fully inform his patients.  This makes their surgical and post-operative experience less stressful and more rewarding.

If you are considering undergoing a tummy tuck (abdominoplasty) and wish to arrange a consultation appointment with Dr. Samuel please call the office at 416-630-2715 or e-mail drssamuel@rogers.com His staff will be pleased to assist you.

Disclaimer:  The explanations on this procedure are meant to provide only an overview of information on the subject.  This does not constitute ‘informed consent’.  Each case must be assessed   by Dr. Samuel individually.  This will include a proper history, physical examination and discussion of the proposed surgery, post-operative course including the relevant potential complications.  During the consultation and subsequently, the patient will have opportunities to ask questions and clarify any concerns he/she may have relating to any aspect of their care by Dr. Samuel and his staff.

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